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Fiancé diagnosed with severe sleep apnea РiDunmed

It’s very scary. He’s only 25 years old. I made him get a sleep study referral months ago because his snoring was so bad that we couldn’t sleep together. I could hear that he wasn’t breathing properly but I wasn’t expecting it to be diagnosed as severe and to heat how low his oxygen was going throughout the night. Even the CPAP people were like “we need to see you immediately” so he’s seeing them tomorrow.

What should we expect next? He’ll likely get his machine tomorrow. Will he start feeling better? Less fatigued? Poor guy is also pre diabetic with hypothyroidism, severe GERD, and a pituitary gland tumour. Oh and he has Aspergers so he’s on the spectrum too. I feel terrible for him. He has so much going on health wise.

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