I’ve had the hardest time lining up a night to take home a test kit to do the sleep study. First the clinic was closed for COVID, THEN I screwed up and missed their first available date for me (September) But I took it home lastnight, and returned it this morning.

I was a little nervous sleeping with all that crap on. I didnt fall asleep right away. I woke up lots of times gasping for air. Usually I sleep through those moments. I also woke up with a raging erection at 4 AM. Happens all the time, but this time I thought it was hilarious, because I imagined them going through the content of my study on the screen saying “Oh! heres where he was clearly aroused!” based on heart rate? I dont know. Either way, that kept me awake giggling for a bit.

I just hope my slightly abnormal sleep didnt screw my study up. Overall, I didnt sleep as well as normal, but I did do some dreaming so I must’ve been able to provide some good sample?


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