After 5 months i finally got date in next week for home study and doctor appointment two weeks after that. I have suspected that i have sleep apnea about 2-3 years, but been to lazy to get study, until end of the last year when symptoms got lot worse than before. I’ve had lot of stress in last 6 months because finishing school and writing thesis and i believe that made symptoms much worse.

There was days in row that i just couldn’t focus even for 10 minutes in my studies. Had to focus solely on thesis (which i did for my employer) and move my graduating to next fall, because i just couldn’t focus and i don’t even have much left to do in studies.

I don’t have problem falling asleep, but staying asleep is been a problem for long time. In last 5 months there has been nights where i woke up having mini panic attacks and few nights when i was very close to call ER.

Mornings been just awful, i might fall asleep around 23:00 and woke up around 7:00, get up around 9:00, do morning stuff, eat and take nap at around 11:00. After 1-2 hour nap, i be like zombie for 3-4 hours and after that try to do some exercise, but there is no real motivation or desire to do anything physical activity even though powerlifting has been my passion for last decade. My head works somewhat in evenings, so i done my thesis work around 19:00 – 23:00.

Last month been little better because finally we have some daylight here in Nordic, but i can’t wait to get that study done. I feel just little anxious about the study, because what if it isn’t sleep apnea and study doesn’t show cause for my symptoms, well then i am mentally fucked. I’ve been certain that i have sleep apnea and that knowledge has kept me atleast somewhat going.

This was little rant/venting post because i just can’t wait to get that study done.

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