Only woke up once throughout the night! I’m usually waking up hourly from mask leaks because of the titration levels ramping up so high from my bipap, but last night I slept on my stomach and it allowed me to keep the seal on my dreamwear full face mask. The only problem, I’m a back sleeper.

Is it maybe a good idea to try a nasal mask? maybe the nasal pillows…

I really want to have this feeling of energy every day! No cloudiness or struggle to keep my eyes open for the first time in about 17 years. (I’m 30 years old, male) yes, I know that sounds crazy and why did I wait so long… well truth is, I just never knew OSA was the cause of all my problems. After being diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension at 29, I looked into what causes high blood pressure, and sure enough, Sleep Apnea was on that list. Then i looked into Sleep Apnea and, sure enough, all of the other underlining problems I have were also caused by OSA. Long story short, I have severe OSA and am just trying to get control of it after a very long time of just assuming feeling the way I was feeling was just the normal.

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