Things have been improving and these are just some notes and knowledge that my past self would have appreciated.

It may sound weird but I find myself looking forward to sleep now.

Oddly enough, I have stopped having (or at least remembering) dreams. I am guessing that while I am getting more sleep it may not be as deep while my brain is figuring out how to deal with cpap. Maybe this will change later on?

I used to set 5 separate alarms to wake me in the morning bc I would literally sleep through them. Now I wake up with the first alarm and I don’t feel like I need to lay down longer.

I have adhd and I usually take 3 tablets throughout 1 day. Since using the cpap I have cut that down to 2 tabs. Hopefully I can get rid of those completely and just chalk up the adhd symptoms to out of whack brain chems due to apnea.

I feel more motivated to get things done such as chores and a few projects I started but never finished. I have been super productive while also having the energy/motivation to get stuff done. (For those familiar with “Spoon Theory” I feel like I have more spoons)

TMI but noteworthy Unexpectedly, my stools have been more solid and regular. Not sure what the heck that is about but I am happy for the change lol.

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