I am not even believing that I am up at 820 in the morning!!! I feel more rested than I have in so long. If this is just after one night, I am so excited to see how much better I continue to feel as I use the machine. I slept just under 7 hours, going to try for 8 tonight. I also didn’t wake up with the muscle pain and just overall feeling I either was hit by a bus or ran a marathon in my sleep! I also don’t feel so groggy either.

I have a DreamStation and it’s a pretty neat machine. It’s really cool that it automatically downloads to my Dr. Office! I also really like how it’s set up to change pressures as needed. Like many my OSA is way worse on my back. It’s so so so quiet to, which makes both me and my husband happy. I opted for a Dreamwisp mask, it’s ok for the most part. I am surprised I was able to fall asleep with it on, however my cheeks around my nose were a little sore this morning. Best thing is my AHI for the night was at 1.8! Now when I had my study I was in the mild to moderate category and last night I was in the normal!

Hoping that this will not only save my sleep, but help me loose weight and achieve better blood sugar control as I am a type 1 Diabetic and have read up on how OSA affects blood sugar.

I do have a pulse ox question. Do many of you here use one? Is it a neccessary thing to also monitor if the AHI is good? If you do use one which do you recommend? I have looked and they are a bit expensive. I am on the fence right now, in terms of if it’s really necessary.

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