Hey everyone, last night was my first night using an APAP. I didn’t take my mask off in my sleep! SO that’s a positive. But I also didn’t have the greatest sleep ever. I just have a couple questions.

I’m using the the Air sense 10 for her (I’m a dude lol) with a Phillips dream something mask? It’s just a nasal mask but not the cushion one.

  1. First things first, I think I wore the mask too tight last night. I woke up with marks on my face. Also I kept waking up throughout the night and my fitbit told me I had a very light sleep. Which I can align with. I did manage to get some deep sleep, but not a lot. Is this normal? Does it take awhile before you can get an actual good night sleep?

  2. I woke up with a pretty stuffy nose. I usually do, but this time it was definitely more than normal. I guess that’s what happens when you have air continuously blasting through your nose. Will upping the humidifier help with this?

  3. I’ve got gas. Bad. My lower intestines hurrrt. I guess this is from swallowing air in my sleep. Does this diminish? I don’t mind dealing with this if it means feeling better.

I do feel less groggy today than I normally do, even with a poor sleep. I don’t know if that’s just a placebo or not though. Thanks!

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