I did an at home sleep study with the WatchPAT One with these results over 6 hours of sleep time (not record time):

AHI: 5
RDI: 15
Oxygen Desaturation Min: 90%
Oxygen Desaturation events (>4% desaturation): 12

Light Sleep (n1/n2): 69.34%
Deep Sleep (n3): 14.76%
Rem Sleep: 15.9%

Received a Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset – the provider recommended 4-20 settings to start, but I felt like 4 was too low and I was having to wait for the machine to supply what I was trying to breathe with a natural cadence, so bumped that to 7. I assumed an EPR of 3 would be most comfortable, but actually liked 1 better since it seemed to ‘open up’ my airway on exhale better.

I managed 6 hours of wear first night, but I was maybe asleep for 4 of those. The MyAir app says that my AHI was 0 for all use time.

It seemed effective, and had a dream (that I remember) in the first time in a long time. It feels like I was actually able to relax my throat while awake for the first time in a long time, so when I took the CPAP off, I could ‘snore’ while breathing normally.

Anyway, is a 0 AHI a believable number? Did the pap simply preclude all events from happening before they started?

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