Hi all.

Little story about last night which was my first night with my APAP. My AHI pre APAP was tested at 15 and 34 whilst in REM.

I use the ResMed machine and am using the AirFit F20 full face mask due to my severely deviated septum. I have to say it was extremely uncomfortable, and I woke up numerous times. I don’t feel any different today than I do any other days which is unfortunate as some of the stories I’ve heard on here have been immediate life changing effects. While I know everyone is different, I still would like to feel something. I wokeup with a very dry mouth and nose, so I will have to adjust my humidity setting it seems. I also apparently had a leak of 24L/min. Not sure what that means. One think that I don’t know the accuracy of is how the machine detects AHI. It said my AHI was 0.3 which seems impossible. My pressure is set from 5-9. I would imagine I need more. But I will continue to use it and see how things progress over the coming weeks.

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