I (38m, fit-ish) recently did an at home sleep test and am still waiting on the results. My sleep has been so bad recently I picked up a second hand BiPap machine off craiglist to see if it helped while I wait for my results.

My sleep was pretty much trash as I’m not used to sleeping with something on my face but was able to get in small bits of solid sleep here and there. Woke up this morning and loaded my data into OSCAR expecting to not see much activity, to my horror there are 200 clear airway events!!!

Now I’m new to this and am using the dreamwear nasal mask and did notice if I opened my mouth it was hard for me to breath. Is it possible that a lot of these events are from me opening my mouth? Started out the night with my mouth taped but felt a bit claustrophobic so I removed it.

Freaking out a bit seeing that I’m potentially not breathing this many times during the night.


EDIT: Updated photo link

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