23F, recently got diagnosed with OSA, 15 AHI (though might have been higher if I slept longer during the at home sleep study) and lots of snoring. I have a month-long trial of the ResMed AirSense 10, and I’m using a full mask (ResMed Airfit F20) as I often have a lot of nasal congestion and breathe through my mouth a lot. I also have the humidity + heated tubing. I think it’s set at a pressure of 5? Idk, the sleep place deals with the pressure remotely and I just wear the mask lol. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it based on all the horror stories, but I think the first night went well. The air felt weird for a few minutes but wasn’t too bad. I did get gassy/burps from it though! I slept through the night, didn’t toss and turn or wake up gasping or anything like usual. I was almost confused when I woke up because I couldn’t believe I had slept for so many hours without waking. Also feel pretty refreshed. The app that goes with the machine said I had 0.1 events per hour? Not sure if that’s accurate but my bf said I didn’t snore or anything. I didn’t feel the need to rip the mask off, didn’t feel claustrophobic. Here’s hoping it continues to work!

Edit: it says the pressure is 6-16 🙂

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