Wow. Is this a placebo or is it real? I woke up at 5am with a clear mind and energy galore! I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea last month. 17.3 AHI. Last night on machine I had .9 events. I don’t think I’ve had good quality sleep for 20 years. So I am hesitantly optimistic. I got the resmed airsense 10 autoset with a airfit n20 mask. It was a litte weird at first but I wore it for an hour while watching tv to get used to it. I woke up a few times to turn over. I flip flop from side to side. But it was much less than usual. It was weird with the mask fir sure. But only one night in I know I will adjust. I think tonight I will turn up humidity. I’m in Arizona and it’s super dry anyway. And my throat was dry and still is after being up for a while. I hope this helps me become a more productive human being and I can focus more in health and happiness. Anyway thanks for letting me share!

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