I have been apprehensive about the thought of having to use a XPAP ever since I was told I should have a sleep study years ago because of my snoring and jolting in my sleep. This past year or so my health has just been junk, not horrible just not great. Then I got some blood work done and those results made me start taking a hard look at where my health is headed. So did the sleep study, the experience sucked, and the results sucked even more than the experience. So I picked up my DS yesterday.

My med company recommended the nose pillows to try first, even after I took a look at a full because of being a mouth breather. The full was just too uncomfortable for me. And they explained that even using just a nose pillow pillow can help adjust the mouth breathing.

Of course the night started out rocky, the feeling of air being shoved into me was not the most comfortable thing and being a mouth breather it took some focus to settle down and focus on my breathing and close my mouth because air blowing out was annoying as hell.

After spending the time allowing my body to relax and focusing on breathing I was able to settle down enough to get to sleep. I’ve looked and it appears common that you will sleep less with better results until your body gets used to the sleep. I only slept about 5 hours, but when I woke up no dry mouth like normal and I didn’t feel like the need to mainline coffee to get get the grogginess out.

While I’m sure it’s not always going to be comfortable or convenient, I am excited that I actually had energy when I woke up this morning, and over time I know I will get more accustomed to it.

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