Hi all,


Just wanted to update everyone who asked about my sleep study results after the resent MMA jaw surgery.


I took the sleep test last Wednesday, app 8 weeks after the surgery (the doctor suggested I should wait 6 months to allow all the swelling to go all the way down but I couldn’t wait that long). I received the results yesterday and I was so happy to see I only had 1.1 AHI per hour down from 66, with the results stating ” No significant obstruction sleep apnea”!!


I tried a number of things to fix the apnea over the years but none were as successful as the MMA surgery. The UPPP was great for fixing my sinuses but didn’t have much affect on my apnea. Losing weight helped me reduce the AHI from 88 to 66, which was totally worth it in terms of overall health but had less of an effect on my apnea than I had hoped. Had my AHI been lower though this may have fixed the problem.

Having first started out with an AHI of 88 I thought I would have to use a cpap for the rest of my life so it’s still kind of hard to believe that it’s finally over. I would encourage anyone with a high AHI to speak to a maxillofacial surgeon about getting the jaw surgery if you want to stop using a cpap.


Good luck all and sleep well!

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