Hello all,

Last night I had my first ever in lab sleep study…it was interesting.

I arrived at 7 PM, and the nurse had all the wires and sensors on me by a little after 8 PM. After that I tried to play on my phone for a bit, but soon gave that up to try to sleep. Woke up once to use the restroom, and then repeatedly through the night. Bed was comfy, and I was allowed to adjust the room temp to how I liked. Didn’t feel like I slept at all, but the nurse assured me I did. Kept tossing and turning and worrying that I was going to rip out some wires. My local lab is in the hospital, so I also had to deal with some of the standard hospital night noises as well.

Of course she couldn’t tell me what my results were (only the doctor can), but I could tell that I either was snoring the entire night or was heavily breathing through my mouth since my throat was really dry and scratchy.

Overall, it was an OK experience, and something I knew needed to be done. Now I get to wait a couple weeks (usually shorter, but the nurse says they have been swamped lately with these studies) to hear my results.

I’ll be shocked if the recommendation isn’t for a CPAP based on my past history. Either way I know I’ll be coming back to this forum for guidance!

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