I saw the highest spike yet in my estimated oxygen variation levels this morning. Coincides nicely with a HR spike too.

I am currently untreated, but that’s about to change as soon as I can figure out what supplies I need to order to get my pap running again. I was successful for three months after getting it, but I then kept getting sinus infection after sinus infection and I never had them before. I cleaned it every day, used distilled water, etc. And I was just really sick at the time and coughing all night long, so I’d need to pull the mask away from my face to spit out the stuff that I cough up. Which is so irritating to do that I lost so much sleep because of it. However I’m healthy right now mostly due to isolation for the pandemic. And I have figured out more of my health issues, I have Relapsing Polychondritis and it might have had something to do with the sinus infections. And I have found that using sinus rinses with a steroid medication in them might greatly help my CPAP use compliance. 🤞

https://i1.lensdump.com/i/08Chzc.png https://i1.lensdump.com/i/08CaC1.png

Still trying to figure out what image hosting site to use to actually post the images in the reddit post instead of links.

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