Okay, here’s a weird one.

I’m a 28 year old woman slightly overweight 5’8. I have HUGE tonsils. Like tonsils that when doctors see they’re like wtf. Anyway, a few years back I had an ex boyfriend tell me how BAD my snoring was. He bought ear plugs. But we’d just laugh about it.

Fast forward to last year, I’m now pregnant with my husbands baby and he’s telling me I stop breathing in my sleep. A few times I gasped awake myself awake but I thought it was acid reflux because I got that really bad while pregnant. I started waking up with my eye being a different size than the other, sometimes leaking fluid. I also had 20/20 vision before pregnancy and started noticing my vision was getting worse. I googled about it and found out about something called “floppy eyelid syndrome”. Basically, people with sleep apnea tend to develop this eye issue. Your eyelids loose elasticity and will literally flip inside out. I told my husband and he laughed at me saying he’s never seen that happen.

I went to an eye doctor, she said it’s allergies, gave me drops told me to follow up after I have the baby to see if my eyes go back to normal. The drops kinda helped. After I gave birth I lost 45 lbs and was lighter than before I got pregnant but the sleep apnea never went away. I woke up the other night gasping for breath. I feel like I was still asleep, my husband yelled my name and I basically came to on all fours trying to catch my breath, it felt like I was drowning. I think it’s persisting because of my big ass tonsils. A few nights later my husband woke me up and said “oh my god, you were right. Your eyelid was flipped inside out!”

So now I have to figure out how to navigate sleep apnea during COVID-19 and wtf my options are for this eye issue. Has anyone ever heard of this? Do you have it? Any feedback would be great. I’ve been suffering with this for years and have been in denial. But I’m sick of being tired all the time and I’m scared to go to sleep sometimes.

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