I hated the idea of CPAP… but it only took one night to change my mind. For years my primary care physician has been urging me to go for a sleep study, and my response was usually “What for? There’s no chance I’m going to wear one of those masks to bed.”

Well, I was supposed to go in for sinus surgery (polyp removal) after already having it done 5 years ago, but this time the anesthesiologist wouldn’t clear me for general anesthesia without the authorization of a pulmonologist. So, I set up an appointment with the pulmonologist and sure enough, he wanted me to do a sleep study. It came back with 47.4 events per hour, some longer than 2 minutes with snoring over 100db and SpO2 for lengthy periods well under 80%. So, obviously a CPAP candidate. I also really want the surgery again, so I reluctantly agreed to try the machine.

So, last night was my first night. I slept more soundly than anytime in recent memory, and longer too (8hr 40m). My fitbit previously would read low 90’s for SpO2, never getting above 93%… this morning, SpO2 is 95%. According to my machine, I had 5.4 events per hour (down from 47.4), with a “myAir” score of 95% (which seems to be a good thing). My significant other was up all night though, apparently worried that I wasn’t breathing, because the room was so quiet. I woke up with more energy and feeling great!

So, for anyone in the “NEVER!” camp like I was, please do yourself a favor and give it a shot first. Read up on the importance of that SpO2 %, and think about how drained you feel or how even your joints ache. If hypoxia symptoms were written down on a BINGO card, I’d have probably had BINGO a few different ways. It will still take time for me to get used to this machine, and even more time to improve my health, but I’m glad I started down this road.

edit: clarification 5.4 events per hour

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