So I use a full face mask from Ressleep for obstructive sleep apnea. I initially began my trial with a small mask but after a bit of tooth pain and not great results, I switched to the medium mask despite the Ressleep consultant saying that my face fitted the smaller mask better.

Eight months passed with no pain, though I still had problems with being tired. The medium mask eventually broke so I decided to switch to a small because the new consultant also agreed that my face fitted a small much better.

It’s been two weeks with the smaller mask and I’m getting pain in my right front teeth, potentially situated around one tooth. It feels like pressure, and is very sore to touch for an hour or two before the pain goes away. Problem is, I think my sleep is potentially better with the smaller mask, though the teeth pain is stressing me at the moment.

I can only theorize as to why the smaller mask would affect me while a slightly bigger one didn’t. I thought maybe it could be working better, so I’m actually closing my mouth now and breathing through my nose, which is causing me to clench my front teeth due to my overbite? Since when I clench it puts pressure on the right side of my mouth, it does sort of makes sense, but then I thought CPAP helped with bruxism?

I’m quite confused and can’t afford a custom mouth guard right now. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I was mouth breathing with the medium mask so the clenching is just a theory but I thought I would ask you guys.

Thank you.

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