I’d like to preface this with I tried a test at a sleep center and didn’t sleep a wink, so the guy tried to get me on oxygen, which i put my foot down about. (He gave me some ambien recently for this recent test, which I don’t think I’ll need.)

Recently I started getting sleeping hot at night/insomnia >< Right now I’m sleeping but waking up at night at least once a night, and feeling tired and got headaches near the top of my head when I wake up. Got a home sleep test coming Friday which I hope will catch the “ghost” (which is what the doctor’s been calling my possible sleep apnea) since my youngest brother has become a hosehead.

Since I’m also a aspie (think sensory issues) and have ripped off eyemasks before, I thought I’d ask just in case. What’s the best way to make sure you won’t take the mask off while you are asleep? I was thinking taping and wearing it in my room to get me used to that thing, as well as being a arse to make sure I get the right mask for me. I’m also planning on asking straight up for the quietest cpap they have available since I know noise can cause problems. (and I’m gonna make sure I get a hose muffler + find a way to get a backup battery or something since we do have power outs enough to be concerning around here.) Oh I can stand the air conditioner, I can stand the fridge in the kitchen, but any louder and I’ll want to throw something at it.

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