I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea like 6 years ago and prescribed a machine, I really couldn’t breathe with it so I never used it. I still have the machine, but can’t use it because it’s locked. I know the best thing to do would be to get another sleep study because my symptoms have gotten a lot more severe since then. I am afraid to go into a lab and do a sleep study during CV, I live with high risk people, I do not want to get this. The cases in my state are rising rapidly right now. I also fear what it could do to me, I feel like the poor health that results from SA puts me at higher risk. I also worry about whether they’ve properly sanitized whatever machines they use on patients at the lab. You could get CV from the PAP machine they use at the lab.

So my question is, should I get a new sleep study or should I just try again to use the machine I already have, but on different settings? I think it might be possible to jailbreak my machine so a doctor doesn’t need to control the settings.

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