Hi, I’m 54F, average height/weight. I got diagnosed with sleep apnea about a year ago. At first I really didn’t want to get a CPAP, so I spent a year trying to get used to an oral device. The oral device really worked well in terms of getting rid of my snoring, but it messed up my jaw and my bite. And a pulse ox test showed that my oxygen was still going under 88% quite frequently (I think it was about 35 times in one night).

Thanks to all of the encouraging and insightful posts on this board, I recently decided to give CPAP a try. On Friday, I got fitted for a ResMed Airsense 10 and a ResMed Airfit P30i. Well, the first night was pretty disastrous. The mask and ear pillows were extremely uncomfortable, and I gave up after about 3 hours (with very little sleep). Fortunately, I realized yesterday that I had the mask on completely wrong (the hose in the back and the strap on top, instead of vice versa). Yes, I feel very stupid.

Last night was much better, with the mask on properly! But it still took me a really long time to fall asleep because of the noises. My husband said he couldn’t hear anything, so I guess they must be some sort of internal noises. My breathing sounds really loud, and on each exhale it sounds like my nose is whistling. Is there a solution to that, or will I just get used to it? I sleep on my stomach, which is why I chose that headgear and the nose pillows. I’m open to trying other equipment, but the chances of me sleeping in a different position are pretty small. I even slept on my stomach when I was 8 months pregnant!

Also, the Resmed has an app that reports “data,” but the data is not very specific at all. It seems to be more of a means for my health insurance company to track my usage. So I guess I’m going to be learning about OSCAR this week. I would appreciate a TL;DR if anyone has one.


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