Hey everyone, for the past year or so I get extremely tired, confused, irritable, my vision even gets blurry, 5-8 hours after waking. My doctor just tells me I’m depressed/anxious and keeps upping my Zoloft prescription. To be completely honest, Ive been absolutely struggling to function for the better part of this past year. I tried everything to make myself feel better, excerise, diet, ruled out deficiencies, tried meditation… nothing got rid of that terrible feeling. I could hardly work when I felt high/incapacitated for 50-60 of my waking hours.

Does this sound familiar? Did you have symptoms of sleep apnea like this? I just recently discovered that if I take a nap, the symptoms subside quite a bit, which makes me wonder if this could be a sleep disorder. I snore and randomly wake up absolutely drenched with sweat almost every night. I have nightmares almost every night as well.

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