Just thought I’d share my journey a bit to encourage others. They’re going to work on my nose, because apparently I have large turbinates and easily collapsible valves (nostrils).

I’ve been disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome to a greater or lesser extent for over 6 years. I don’t know how much of this may be related to apnea and/or nose breathing problems, but I’m hoping the surgery will help some. At least hopefully get me a little bit more energy so I can fight the weight battle better, ’cause that would help multiple problems that I have (including sleep apnea…).

I’ve had 2 previous home sleep studies that didn’t show significant AHI, although now I’m learning that doesn’t guarantee that I wasn’t having sleep problems due to breathing (UARS, e.g.). Study #3 last October showed “mild” apnea, although the pain when I wake up gasping doesn’t seem very mild to me. And visiting with the sleep doc made me realize that many of my more recent symptoms certainly pointed to OSA.

Sleep doc and 2 ENTs all think this surgery will help in general, so I’m going ahead with it. ENT #2, who is doing the surgery, says that it shouldn’t be very painful, some patients hardly use any pain meds after it, although the office person said the “pressure” from splints can be miserable.

Anyway, I will try to report back with how things go. I’ve learned a lot on this board and appreciate all the support that people give each other, maybe I can help someone else too!

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