Can someone help interpret my sleep test results? I got 2 tests linked in the image above.

Got a negative diagnose for sleep apnea due to AHI but I think I may have UARS (symptoms seem to correlate especially the gasping for air in middle of night thing). I was looking for RDI but looks like the test doesn’t show it, should I request it or just go for a WatchPAT test online?

The 2nd test was more extensive and the sleep technician I talked to mentioned how the EEG (I think that’s what it was called) should be included on the 2nd test but the results weren’t included. He said that he would talk to the sleep test administrators and verify and call me back if something was unusual, but if he didn’t call me back then everything was fine. He didn’t call me back, but maybe I should just see if I can get RDI results?

One bright spot is that I did get these tests free through my company so at least there’s that. But I’m kinda stuck and not sure how to proceed now in terms of getting a diagnose to treat this miserable thing.

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