So two days ago got my CPAP machine. Resmed 10, for some reason they gave me the female version and said it’s ok it’s for both men and women. Which is fine lol, I like the design better but it very clearly says on it “For Her” .

Anyway, I have had 2 sleeps with the CPAP machine now. And I have not felt this rested in my short sleeps on CPAP as I have in many many years. Even though I’m still adjusting because it’s not super comfortable to sleep on with my memory foam pillow, I suspect it’s too hard as it pushes against seals etc.

I was diagnosed and found to have an AHI of 90, according to the sleep app I am now down to 7.

One of my biggest successes, and after years of trying to figure out what was causing it “curing it”, is I used to get up 10 times a night to pee. For the last two nights I’ve only gotten up once to pee, which is absolutely AMAZING.

One thing I gotta get used to, and not sure if it’s normal, is waking up a little groggy. But this I imagine is because I’m actually waking up from sleeping, whereas before I would just getup and not feel like I actually slept at night.

So far I am really happy I’ve gotten this treated and am looking forward to having a nice sleep on the weekend.

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