I’m trying to wear it as much as I can- when I relax and play games or watch shows- but still can’t get any decent rest. Wake up with neck pains and hella grumpy mood. I useually sleep every other night because of it now, I just have to be so exhausted to sleep so I’ll be up ~48hrs before I get any sleep longer then a few hours. Am I being a baby? I feel so frustrated and stressed- it’s hard to keep positive and keep on this transition but it’s hard to wear and use this device that is supposed to give me better sleep when all it’s doing now is preventing me from sleeping. Anyone have more advice? I get so grumpy in the morning having worn it all night and not gotten a wink of sleep I just wanna rip it off and throw it across the room.

Also- I’ve seen people talk about pillows or pillows masks? I’m a little confused and if anyone could explain it to me I’d very much appreciate it! Thank you!

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