On a recent re-test of my sleep apnea (in the same lab that did my first test) my diagnosis was changed to “Mild, positional” obstructive sleep apnea. Basically, on my back I’m moderate (AHI 18), and in any other position I have no sleep apnea at all (AHI 1).

I know about all the jaws, airway, MSE, Vivos, ALF, etc. stuff on that – so no need to give me a suggestion there. I am pursuing some options. But in the meantime, as a result of the new diagnosis my sleep doc said I could try out the Philips NightBalance device and see if it worked out for me.

Basically, it’s a positional sensor with a vibrating element inside of it. You wear a comfortable strap around your chest, and drop this little sensor into a zipper pocket and position that right over the center of your chest, at the base of your sternum. If you roll on your back, it buzzes you with varying patterns and intensities (so you don’t get accustomed to the feeling) to prompt you to get off your back and into some other position.

I have a logging pulse oximieter, and over the past year I’ve collected tons of data of what my sleep is like while on CPAP and while off CPAP. So far, for me … this device seems to be doing a very good job, good enough where my pulse oxygen is close enough to CPAP use … that I don’t use CPAP any more.

I suspect many people with positional sleep apnea, may have been improperly diagnosed – as I was. This may be worth pursuing with your sleep doctors if this is the case for you. It’s an expensive gadget for what it does (retails for about $700) and it requires a prescription (which makes no sense to me) but it’s totally worth it to not need to use CPAP anymore.

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