23 M 5″9 75kg

Had a sleep study because I’ve been experiencing poor sleep for over the last year. Waking up from dreams, trouble getting back to sleep, headaches in the morning, dry mouth and throat.

I’m an active guy, exercise often, eat clean, track my calories, all that good stuff. I don’t really drink coffee and if I do it’s before lunch. I’m mindful of my bedtime routine, limiting screens, relaxing etc. I tape computer lights in my room etc.

Sleeps specialists diagnosis from the test is mild restless leg syndrome or insomnia and has refered me to a sleep psychologist. Suggests I could be anxious and stressed?

Anyways, here are the results: https://imgur.com/a/wc8riof

I woke up approximately 5+ times during the night which is worse than usual so I’m a little worried the readings may not have been as good as they could? But maybe I was extra anxious that night which lead to waking more… Also worth noting that at some point during the night I realise the leg sensor had came off so I reacttached it. So maybe there’s a possibility that restless leg was not measured accurately?

Just want to rule out that it deffinately not sleep apnea…What are your thoughts?

Thanks guys!

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