Ok first a bit of a backstory

I’m mid 30’s , male, 5 foot6 , approx 140lbs. No previous girlfriends or my wife have told me I snore. (Sleep study says I do)

Anyways, I’ve been complaining to doctors, therapists, coworkers, my mentors , and anyone else who will listen for a number of years really regarding ongoing fatigue and exhaustion issues.

This past year I started an extremely intense, intellectually demanding job and I’ve also gotten into playing competitive pickleball. Anyways I’ve noticed some days I’m “on” and other days I’m “off” – basically if I’m exhausted I have poor memory, judgement, reaction times, and creativity and if I’m “on” then it almost feels magical, like I am unable to make mistakes, have a positive outlook, and am generally happy . I also was starting to get weird feelings around my heart on days where I was tired.

For the past 5 years I’ve pretty much engaged in every safe sleep hack and life hack to stay fit known to mankind to counter the effects of the fatigue. Low carb diets, different workouts, naps in the middle of the day, meditation, supplements for sleep, cbd, sleep masks, blue blocking glasses etc, and the Oura ring.

I also have a dependence to Caffeine. I basically have around 2 strong coffees in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon. Without this I would be unable to function. I also blamed my fatigue issues on my caffeine consumption as I figured I was just severely dependent and my fatigue was the corresponding withdrawal effects.

My wife got me an Oura ring sleep tracker for an anniversary gift and I could never get a score above 75. Also, the tracker showed me waking up no less than 10 times per night. Everyone told me I was crazy for obsessing about my sleep tracker and that the ring itself was making me crazy. Eventually my therapist recommended I get a sleep apnea test to “rule it out”. When I explained my symptoms to my doctor he responded with “are you asking me for sleeping pills.” ? My answer was no as I have a history of substance abuse and have 5 years clean.

I ended up just ordering an at home sleep test. It came in the mail in a few days, was easy to take, they had me diagnosed in 3 days with moderate obstructive sleep apnea showing an AHI of 28. I sent results to my doctor and he said to order the APAP.

It arrived a few days later , was very easy to set up and I used it for the first time last night.

I don’t feel boundless energy and am just a tad tired but I feel about 25x better than I did yesterday. I think I may have put it back on my head backwards at some point bc I think I woke up a few times gasping for air and it seemed like a lot of air was being forced through the tube. Then when I put it back on and it was silent. My wife slept perfectly through the night it didn’t bother her at all. I can tell that I will get the hang of it. This Reddit group really helped me as I was waiting for the machine to arrive. For the mask I got the nasal pillows and aside from my left nostril kind of being sore it was fine. If anyone has any tips I’d appreciate it. Also myAir app isn’t showing my data from last night for some reason it’s just showing my Practice round from yesterday afternoon . Not sure what the deal is with that.

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