Hi all – I’ve been a loud snorer all my life dating back to when I was kid. I haven’t really experienced being overweight back then, I was relatively skinny growing up and was active as a hockey player. I’d say now though I’m at the overweight zone as I’m 5’9 @ 185lbs. I mentioned all this because im not sure if losing weight will help with my problems.

Now that im in my early 30s, and numerous people telling me about my snoring issues, breathing issues while sleeping, general thrashing to the point where I almost fall off the bed (though apparently im fine when im on my stomach), I’ve decided to get this finally looked at and am meeting with a nurse practitioner on Tuesday.

Can anyone tell me about what the procedure and timeline is for possibly getting a CPAP? I’m not sure if I can wait weeks for this as I recently moved in with my gf. Browsing the sub, it seems like the ResMed Airsense 10 autoset is very popular, and I’ve seen links to slightly used ones on here for purchase.

Can I purchase one now and work with it until this entire process is done? As stated above, I do want to tackle this ASAP.


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