So I had two different home tests.

The first was done though my doctors (NHS). Slept around 4.5 hours. I mostly tried to sleep on my back for this one. Anyway, I was told that for the first two hours, I had Central Apneas. Got an AHI score of 25 per hour.

The second study was a private one by Phillips. So for this one, I didn’t sleep on my back. I slept on my side. I slept 5.5 hours and got an AHI of 1.8 per hour. NO central apneas.

This suggests to me that my central apneas only happen on my back – Positional Central Sleep Apnea.

The thing is, that I still kept up waking up in my private study. I think this is because I can’t adjust to side sleeping. It hurts my shoulders and body (and yes I’ve tried putting a pillow under my torso). I naturally WANT to back sleep.

Is it possible that my NHS study was a false positive? It said I had apneas for the first 2 hour (which was when i slept on my back, rest of sleep was side sleeping). But the thing is, that for those first 2 hours, I was taking very slow and deep meditative breaths (this helps me get to sleep). Is it possible that they counted this as false positives? Surely the tech can’t be that lousy?

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