I’ve tried a number of things already to measure my sleep quality, most with low success:

  1. Fitbit/Oura ring: Those are accurate in measuring your total sleep time, okay for measuring sleep stages (I guess), but terrible for predicting actual sleep quality. I recorded my subjective sleep quality for a few weeks and found low to no correlation (sometimes negative) with various Oura ring metrics (sleep score, sleep efficiency, total/rem/deep sleep time).

  2. Pulse Oximeter (Wellue SleepU): I assume this would work for some of you, but my SpO2 never falls below 91% (average of 95%), and I didn’t notice any correlation between SpO2 values and sleep quality.

  3. Audio Recording (Sleep as Android app): Surprisingly, this seems to be both the cheapest and most effective way to measure sleep quality. I can hear whether I’m snoring and/or gasping for air, and the events increase during the last REM sleep stage, right before I wake up.

Now this brings me to the Dreem 2 Headband. This is a $500 device that has a built-in EEG monitor, so in theory should be able to notice arousals. I am sure it’s not gonna be as accurate as a sleep-study but on the plus side you can wear it every day and get long-term data. Has anyone tried it out?

In addition, there is a device called the WatchPAT that is used for home sleep tests. Why is there no such device that I can buy and track my sleep with every day? A one-time test with the WatchPAT costs around $200. I’m sure people would be willing to pay quite a bit more to get this sort of tracking every day.

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