Quick question.

I am active duty military and I seriously believe I have Sleep Apnea or UARS. I meet multiple criteria

36 yr old male, bodybuilder, have the fatigue / no zest for life / feeling like I never get good sleep, wake up with extremely dry mouth, and if I even try to sleep on my back I will wake up with the feeling of closing throat. Also testosterone is in the normal range.

Here is the issue. I have been through the military medical system, and while they agree I am a candidate, I have to do an in-lab sleep study and have a post-study consult with the sleep doc in order to verify and get my prescription. This is great because from that point on everything will be paid for by the military. The downside is the military sleep clinic is closed indefinitely due to COVID-19 and they believe there is no light at the end of the tunnel for when it might reopen. I have heard 8 months.

With that said, I am sure this is something I can get taken care of then, but if I don’t want to wait 8 months to improve my life why should I not just buy something online and see if it helps on my own? Dangerous to do without supervision?

Thanks for the feedback

Also FWIW, I am in very good shape, I resistance train regular, do both LISS and HIIT cardio, and my diet is dialed in as I compete in bodybuilding (no drugs) I say that because there is not much more “lifestyle” aspects I could try to improve before attempting a CPAP machine.

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