I recently posted about my horrible experience during an in-lab sleep study to titrate the CPAP machine. I wrote that every time i would fall asleep, the second i fell asleep my airway would close and the air pressure would be so intense pushing my airway open that it would wake me up and i was suffocating and my heart was racing. I recently found out that the pressure was only at 4 or 5 (maybe it was too low? it didn’t PREVENT my airway from collapsing so maybe that is part of the problem.)

My doctor and I had a follow up yesterday and we decided that we’ll try auto-pap at home next. I am willing to try anything (my sleep apnea is so severe, my AHI is 57 and my oxygen levels fall near 80 at night) however I can’t deny that I’m nervous. I thought it would help to talk to other people and see if anyone has had success switching from CPAP to AutoPap? Please let me know your experience!

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