As the title suggests. MSE – which basically mechanically separates your mid-palatial suture (if it even works for you) and opens it up several millimeters – aims to create more oral space and more nasal cavity space simultaneously. Combined, these also seem to create more pharyngeal airway space as well – something that the inventor (Dr. Won Moon from UCLA school of dentistry) just started sharing back in December.

But has anyone here had the procedure and can prove that it cured your sleep apnea (or UARS)? There’s a lot of talk and buzz … and tons of UARS patients that all seem eager to get it done … but very little I see in terms of documented results. I’d heard that Dr. Moon had maybe published one or two sleep apnea patient case reports, but that’s about it at the moment. Given how popular of a choice it seems to be, I would have expected more data and evidence to be out there by now – even if it’s just patients reporting their own results? People just say they can “breathe better” through their nose, but there’s a notable lack of supporting evidence that people’s AHI’s are getting brought down. I’m sure they probably are, I’d just like to see it documented…

Obviously, MSE is only mostly helping with lateral width issues and not doing anything with front-to-back and for that MMA may be required. MSE (or something similar like DOME) followed by MMA seems to have a reasonably good success rate for curing sleep apnea. But I’m just curious about MSE for now and if anyone has had it and was able to document that it cured (or significantly reduced) their sleep apnea.

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