My results came back and it diagnosed me with REM related sleep apnea. I was relieved to see the times I woke up with my heart SPIKING so fast I couldn’t breathe showed up as the exact moments the apneas were coming in. I ain’t crazy.

Anyway, I have been putting off ordering my machine because I’m stressed on the masks.

I probably need a full face mask if we’re being entirely honest. I have lupus, which is likely causing my chronic tonsillitis (seriously literally I probably have tonsillitis 90% of my life, dealing with that next). My nasal cavities are swollen shut for unknown reasons (confirmed by a CT scan).

So, I presume at night, I am decently a mouth breather and (that’s probably why I start apnea-ing).

If we’re being entirely honest, if we remove the whole apnea issues, I usually sleep like a log. The issue is that I move around a ton (likely due to my ADHD) and I’m also extremely petite (I’m like 120lbs and wear a 00 or a kids size).

Is there a good mask anyone would recommend? Essentially that fits well enough it’ll stay on my face when I move an also not be too big because my face is probably smaller than average.

I have decision paralysis y’all.

Thanks for the recs!

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