This is something I’ve only recently started to notice, but I’d just like to ask a preliminary question here before asking a doctor (which will probably be delayed, due to the ongoing crisis).

I typically like to fall asleep lying on my back, and sometimes when I’m starting to feel more peaceful, I feel as if something is coming down near the back of the roof of my mouth and it’s going to make me choke or block my airways.

I’m not fully aware of what I actually do when this happens because 1. It’s an instinctive reaction to feeling like I’m going to suffocate and 2. Because I’m fairly sleepy at this point. But I think that I just tip my head to the side and I’m fine.

This could also just be a completely mental thing, I have no idea. I’m a (seemingly) healthy 21 year old man, I don’t think there is any history of sleep apnea in my family.

Other relevant pieces of information: I think my energy levels in the day are quite low, but I don’t really have any good comparisons for that, maybe that’s just me no longer being a child. Lastly, I struggle to sleep if I feel like I haven’t completely emptied my bladder.

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