I would say it was a huge success! I had dreams and slept like a baby. 8.9 AHI down from 29.7 during sleep study.

So why am I so damn tired today? Shouldn’t I be throwing open the windows while a blue bird lands on my shoulder and sings me a song like in a Disney movie? I feel as bad (if not worse) than some of my worst “before nights.” I know it takes time to catch up but I really thought I was going to feel a teeny bit better today. Thanks all.

Edit: I fucking (sorry) love this community. Been suicidal for 4-7 years because I was so tired and my husband hates me because I was a fat useless bitch (making high 6 figs but whatever). No day trips, hikes, bike rides etc. I was/am soooooooooo tired. Y’all know that tired? That one where if you had some better disease people would forgive you. But your throat-not doing it’s thang? What is that made up shit?

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