I’ve been using my PR System One 60 Auto CPAP for the last 6 years. Seems like 5-7 years is the recommended time for a replacement machine. I’ve read a lot of good things about the AirSense 10 and would prefer that to a Dreamstation if I’m buying a new device.

My current device seems to be performing well. According to Sleepyhead, my average AHI for the last 30 days is 1.10, and 0.96 for the last 6 months.

That said, I really need to get a battery backup after yet another power outage, and I don’t want to get a $300 12v Pilot battery if I’m just going to buy a 24v AirSense in a year or two and need a different $300 battery.

So, would you bite the bullet and get a new machine + battery now, or just buy a 12v backup and risk needing to replace it all in the next couple of years?

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