I’ve slept a couple nights with my CPAP now, but I feel I’m still doing worse than just sleeping on the side without the CPAP.

Here’s my sleep studies for reference:

Here are the results from my earlier in-lab study:

New results from Watchpat while sleeping on the side:

I’m using a nasal mask (Philips Dreamwear), and the CPAP came with settings 5-15, EPR: 2. I noticed air leaking out of my mouth, so I’m using mouth tape every night.

I also noticed a feeling of not getting enough air, so I raised the min pressure to 7 and turned off EPR (I felt like it set in before I was done inhaling, again leading to feeling of insufficient air).

The AHI is low, but I still felt terrible in the morning and woke up after just 6 hours of sleep, in addition to multiple wakeups during the night. After waking up my nose felt congested.

Any ideas what’s going on? Setting changes?

OSCAR data (I started sleeping at 23:45, before that I was watching TV with the mask on):

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