Hi all,

I’m hoping I can receive some assistance in interpreting my WatchPat data. Here is the data: https://imgur.com/a/Mi8lzEx

I believe the test says I have an AHI of 0.5 and an RDI of 18. Right now I am considering MMA surgery or some surgery to fix my sleep. Do you guys think these results can help me get an OSA diagnosis?

I’ve been fighting to get a diagnosis for about two years now. A neurologist I saw two years ago said I didn’t have sleep apnea after some sort of sleep test, and I basically just believed him and forgot about it until recently.

I’ve also heard that an RDI over 15 counts as sleep apnea, but the email I received says there were “mild RDI events,” which makes me wonder if my RDI is low. Anyways, any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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