I have several masks. One is a Dreamwear Wisp. Another is a Dreamwear Nasal Cushion. Another is a Resmed F20 (full face). On any given night I might be using any of them. The cushion is my default mask, but when the skin on the bottom of my nose is irritated I use the Wisp, or when my nose is stuffy I use the F20.

I have an APAP.

Recently I’ve noticed that my pressure is going much higher if I use the F20 than the others. (This didn’t happen more than a few weeks ago.) My starting pressure is 8.5, and if I use either of the nasal masks it tends to peak at about 10.5 and often sits around 8.5. (Often I’ll wake, reach out to touch the machine, and it’ll say it’s 8.5.) If I use the F20 it’s not uncommon that I’ll wake up and find it at 15 (the max my machine is set to allow). 15 often (but not always) wakes me.

I’m looking at the data in OSCAR, and it says I am snoring a lot more often (a lot more often – at least an order of magnitude more often) with the F20 than the Dreamwear masks. I also look at the data from last night in particular – last night I woke during the night with it at 15, where OSCAR says it had been most of the time for some hours. I took the mask off for a couple minutes and turned off the machine for a couple minutes, then I put it back on and went to sleep. Both when I went to bed and when I went back to sleep it took over an hour to get from 8.5 to 15. I compare this to two nights ago when I was using the nasal cushion and it usually floats between 8.5 and 9.5 with a couple tiny peaks at 11.5 or so, nothing approaching 15.

I am also having higher leakage with the F20 than the nasal masks, but that is nothing new. The leak graph corresponds with the pressure – so when the pressure increases, so does the leakage, but I suppose that’s to be expected so I’m not sure which is the cause – the leak is making the pressure go up, or the pressure is making the leak go up.

Also the “flow rate” is maxing out very often with the F20, but not the other masks.

I am not feeling notably different and my nightly average AHI is not notably different (I’m still averaging below 1) regardless of which mask I use.

Thoughts would be welcome. I would say ‘oh well, I guess I should just use the nasal masks’ but I like to use the F20 sometimes in the fall and winter when my nose gets stuffy from allergies.

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