TL;DR His CPAP machine makes a loud whooshing noise when he opens his mouth and we’d like to figure out how to stop that without the use of duct tape.

When we first started dating, I (27F) told my boyfriend (30M) that I had concerns about his sleep. In the following months, he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and got a CPAP machine.

I’m so happy for him! He sleeps better, he has more energy, and his mood is generally way better. But I still can’t sleep at night because of the machine.

It goes over his nose, not his mouth, so the air flows through the nasal passage. When he opens his mouth, it sounds like a wind tunnel. About 10 minutes after he falls asleep, his mouth opens a bit, and it keeps me up no matter if he lies on his back or his sides. I often leave to sleep on the couch; it really is a pain for both of us. Aside from this issue, the machine’s other noises don’t bother me.

Getting a different machine is out of the question right now. Is there another solution? He honest to god almost put packing tape over his mouth the other night to stop the air from escaping. (OBVIOUSLY I DON’T WANT HIM TAPING HIS MOUTH SHUT!!) Please let me know what you think or share some of your experiences!!

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