I had a sleep study last week, my doctor had me use the Nox T3. Even though it was just the wrist/finger monitor, two bands, and the nasal cannula, it was my worst night of sleep I think I’ve ever had. I woke up repeatedly and tossed and turned. I woke up once and found out that in the night I had ripped the nasal airflow cannula out of my nose during my sleep. I don’t know if I set the bands up correctly because I had never done one of these before.

I got a call from my doctor with a summary of my results. They couldn’t fax them to me so I’ll get the full breakdown in the mail soon. They told me that “I don’t have sleep apnea” according to the home sleep test, which from my understanding is only used to diagnose OSA, not rule it out. From what I remember her saying, my average AHI was in the 2.0’s and my high was 4 point something. I was afraid this would come up negative.

I’ve got the same symptoms as a lot of people. Constant brain fog that started a year ago, never feeling rested after sleep, tossing and turning during sleep, oversleeping, overall fatigue that makes me feel like I need to nap. I daze off at stoplights and in classes regardless of how hard I try to focus. I have a hard time remembering things that I did 5 minutes ago. I can’t concentrate on very much (when I’m supposed to do my online classes, I typically watch youtube videos or read stimulating things to keep myself awake), I sleepwalk quite a bit (I never live down the story where my parents had to stop me from sleepwalking into a busy street when we were out of state staying in a hotel), There are more, I could write a thread about all my symptoms. My symptoms scream sleep apnea.

I originally saw my primary care doctor for this. He ran a crap ton of bloodwork and found no hormonal or vitamin deficiencies. I have allergies so he suggested it could be that, I went back on allergy shots after stopping for a year. After a few months of shots I saw my allergy doctor and told her about my debilitating tiredness and brain fog, suggested it could be OSA, so I got scheduled up with a sleep doctor, and in the meantime she told me to record myself sleeping to check for pauses in breathing, gasping etc. Turns out that while I don’t have the typical ear piercing snore I was told I had in my childhood years, I breathe extremely loud in my sleep. To put it into context, my phone sits on a window-mounted AC about 3/4 feet away from me with the microphone facing away from me, and it records my breathing like the phone is right up next to my face.

Sleep doc had me do the at-home test but from my understanding also wants me to do the in-clinic test when the hospital reopens for that kind of thing since it’s closed right now because of COVID. I’m going to push the issue that I want the in-clinic test, but from my understanding, that’s something she already wanted to do, especially if my at-home test came back negative.

I’ve been reading about UARS which is something my sleep doctor specializes in according to her medical profile with the hospital. She’s also a board-certified sleep doctor. I also wonder if it could be a deviated septum. I have extreme congestion that’s been around for a year. Always hacking up phlegm and there’s always bleeding going on inside my nose (although it doesn’t drip out like a typical nosebleed), when I blow it there’s dark blood clots or fresh blood each time.

Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do the in-clinic study, although I hope I don’t have to wait as long as I did for the negative home study (I made my appointment in the first week of march, had to wait until may because of covid). I’ve never wanted to be diagnosed with something so bad before, but I know if I can get diagnosed with UARs or OSA I can get a CPAP and start getting treated. I’m only 19 and so I feel like I’m wasting the prime years of my life being tired all of the time.

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