My friend knows already that he has sleep apnea. He was diagnosed about 20 years ago and has responded well to CPAP treatment. His APAP reports that his AHI averages less than 1.

So, he doesn’t need a sleep test to say if he has apnea or not. That isn’t his problem. His problem is that he is having some symptoms anyway (including fatigue and fuzzy head), so he got a recording oxygen meter to use at night… and it says his oxygen is low at night. (I think the lowest it reported was 82, which is quite low.)

He’s consequently wondering if he needs supplemental oxygen. (I know, the answer is “probably,” but he needs to both make sure and convince the insurance to pay for an oxygen concentrator.) He knows that if he asks his doctor for a new sleep study, this will take like six months from now until he gets the results.

I advised him to talk to his doctor about it anyway (he’s talking to them in a week or so anyway) and get the ball rolling. Meanwhile, I sent him a few links for home sleep studies (Lofta, which I think is a watchpat, Amazon, which is definitely a watchpat, and AXG, which is not a watchpat). Does anybody know if any or all of these will study his oxygen saturation so he can provide that report to a doctor for a diagnosis about whether or not he should have supplemental oxygen? (I notice both Lofta and Amazon seem to have a finger sensor, so I’m guessing that’s for oxygen?)

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