WOW redditors of this sub have given me so much advice! I’m leaning towards lofta and getting the Autosense 10 (not Airsense, just realized there’s a difference) ResMed considering how popular it is. I’ve brought this up with my husband and he was not very receptive to it but he is thinking about it. I’ll continue to bring it up after giving him some time. Hopefully he’ll agree to the test at least as it’s just a band around the arm and not too uncomfortable. Otherwise if he’s seriously willing to make some more lifestyle changes to avoid sleeping with a machine I’m okay with that too. Thanks so much for everyone who posted!

Hi, my husband is 28, overweight, lots of unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking. He’s had terrible terrible snoring. I 100% know he has sleep apnea because it sounds like he is constantly choking and suffocating in his sleep. He is always exhausted, feels terrible, and falls asleep constantly during the day due to how exhausted he is (he’ll sit down on a sofa and be asleep in 2 minutes flat). I have been patient as he tries to make lifestyle changes (like losing weight/quitting smoking) to help but he has previously always reverted back. I think he is depressed due to all these factors and feels unmotivated to change because he feels so bad all the time.

I only recently learned that sleep apnea can cause a heart attack/stroke if untreated and I am very concerned about him. It’s been years now and getting worse. I’m losing hope that he will resolve it by changing his lifestyle and I want to look into getting him an APAP machine.

We currently have no health insurance as I am out of work. We didn’t consider sleep studies/APAP before because it would be around ~4-5k and we haven’t been able to spend that (he’s also reluctant and noncompliant). I’m looking into this more and found new APAP machines are only around $400-800 online but require a doctor’s prescription. I want to just buy one from my savings.

My mom is actually a nurse and can ask a doctor to write a prescription for me like they have before for simple things (like eczema prescription), but I am wondering if these prescriptions are more complex than that? I.E does he 100% need a sleep study to get a prescription for the APAP, when we are already sure he has it?

Are there specific types of APAP for severity or weight that I need to consider when purchasing?

The simpler and cheaper I can make this process, the more likely he will be willing to do something about it.

He won’t admit how bad it is, but honestly it’s terrible. In addition to constantly being tired and falling asleep everywhere he:

– Is in a horrible mood whenever he wakes up (like when he falls asleep at his desk during remote work and I shake him awake).

– Has recently been falling asleep in meetings on the phone.

– Has gotten drowsy while driving.

– Is addicted to red bull.

– Snores so loud we can hear him from outside. I can’t block out the sound with my earplugs.

– Sits up unconsciously in the middle of the night and sleeps sitting up. I am constantly needing to push him back down.

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