Took a sleep apnea study done two years ago and I was told I barely qualify as mild/moderate levels for sleep apnea. I now am trying to get a cdl job and have to get my sleep apnea study done again. No action was taken last study because the doctor said it was in the mild range but now that I am looking for a driving job I am worried a doctor might recommend a mask or something to help get better sleep.

I have a fitbit and it tracks my deep sleep, awake time, REM and other stuff. Is there a way to use my fitbit to see if I’m getting better? Is there any smart watch that helps sleep apnea levels?

Lastly, what can I do to improve my sleep? I keep seeing sleeping on side. Usually I sleep belly down. When I did the sleep study I slept on my back something I never do and I’m wondering if that was the wrong decision. I am also dieting to lose weight since that’s also an issue and part of the reason for my mild/moderate sleep apnea levels.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

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