For me, my bf (now fiancé), would always tell me that I was always very quiet when I slept. I barely made any noise. So not the typical choking sounds, not usually snoring but on a seldom occasion, I’d have a slight snore that didn’t last long.

However, recently, like Fall 2019, I noticed that I would suddenly stop breathing as I was falling asleep. Not quite asleep yet. It really freaked me out.

It was like something clicked in my brain and said to stop breathing. After going to my doc and getting a sleep study done, they said I had OSA. I was confused because I didn’t feel an obstruction. But, I guess I have to go with what they said. I will have to dig out a copy of my report because I would love to share the outcome. You all seem to know so much about this and I’m super new (7 weeks approx)

But yeah, how did you first realize you needed help?

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