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How did you get comfortable sleeping with a CPAP? – iDunmed

I received my CPAP about 10 days ago and have yet to fall into true sleep with it on. The first 2 days, I put it on a hour or two watching TV etc. and got used to it. Its comfortable enough and I figured out the pressure settings so I am getting to a comfortable breathing level more quickly than the beginning.

As far as masks go, I am using the DreamWear nose pillow with the hose off the top of my head. I am side sleeper and as of last night own a CPAP pillow that seems to work well on my side with no leakage.

I have dozed lightly twice for about 4 hours on 2 separate nights, but the rest of the time have experienced 1 of 2 things. Either I start to fall asleep and abruptly wake up because I feel like I stopped breathing or I just cant stop listening to myself breathing. Within 2 hours of trying to sleep I am either abruptly awake or tired of not sleeping and have to get out of bed for an hour or so. I don’t put the CPAP back on and either have insomnia the rest of the night or sleep but not refreshed in the morning.

Here is what I have tried so far. Even though its allergy season for me, I have used sprays etc to ensure some air is going through each nostril at bedtime. Tried Melatonin a couple of nights. Tried taking a nap in the afternoon with the CPAP. Tried falling asleep to the TV at night (so I would not listen to my breathing). I even had my wife leave the room for a couple of hours so I could wind down at my pace and try to sleep with no outside noise/movement other than the fan we keep on. Every night same result.

What is that “thing” that helped you get over this hump and start sleeping comfortably through the night?

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